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Coach and Equip Ministries is designed to help you and your ministry take the next steps forward. We do this by coaching and equipping you through your prayerful discovery or rediscovery of your ministry's God-given mission, core values and vision. You may also find our coaching helpful in your next-steps strategic planning, disciple-making, church multiplication, ministry evaluation, and personal spiritual development. We are here to help you take your next steps forward in life and ministry.  



Sermon Bloopers

Sometimes pastors just need to chill out and laugh at some of their sermon mistakes. Here is a list of 10 preaching bloopers that I'm sure you and I have never done...

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10 Reasons Church Planters Should Go Through a Church Planter Assessment Center (CPAC)

As a former church planter, coach, and trainer of church planters, and assessment team member in several church planter assessment centers, I highly value the need and importance of a CPAC. Here are 10 reasons why every aspiring church planter needs to go through the experience of a church planter assessment center...

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Lessons from Church Planter Assessment Centers

This week I'm camped out in a hotel room waiting for a Converge Church Planter Assessment Center to begin tomorrow morning. I'll be one of many assessors on a team to help the candidates discern God's will for their first or next ministry. The center will be assessing 10 couples over a three-and-a-half-day period. I'm a veteran assessment team member having served in seven of them a while back, and I've been looking forward to another go at it. As I reflect on beginning the experience again tomorrow, I want to share with you a major observation - a ministry assessment experience should be required for all seminary students. Here's why I say that...

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