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Coach and Equip Ministries is designed to help you and your ministry take the next steps forward. We do this by coaching and equipping you through your prayerful discovery or rediscovery of your ministry's God-given mission, core values and vision. You may also find our coaching helpful in your next-steps strategic planning, disciple-making, church multiplication, ministry evaluation, and personal spiritual development. We are here to help you take your next steps forward in life and ministry.  



When Disaster Strikes

It all started when a torrential rainstorm river began to flow into the Pacific Northwest. Several days of rain, not the usual heavy mist known in the Northwest, poured into the rivers, flatlands, and streams all around us. The smaller communities of Sumas, Nooksack, Everson, Ferndale, and to a lesser extent, Lynden where we call our home, were affected and a disaster occurred. Many had to leave their flooded homes at a moment's notice with only the clothes on their backs and a few personal items. Not only homes and apartments, but churches, schools, and businesses were damaged as floodwaters poured into them from rapidly rising rivers and heavy rains that continued over several days. Read on to know how you and your church can respond...

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Are You Tempted to Quit Ministry?

A recent poll states that 38% of pastors are tempted to quit and leave the ministry as their chosen profession. The long-lasting Covid pandemic is largely to blame, but there may be other reasons. Let's talk about a few...

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Three Answers to Your Prayers

What can you expect when you pray? You may want an immediate answer or you may desire an answer that God will give you just because you want it. But let's face the reality that God may answer your prayer differently than the way you think or want. Without wanting to limit God, may I suggest the following three ways God answers our prayers as our loving Heavenly Father...

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