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Coach and Equip Ministries is designed to help you and your ministry take the next steps forward. We do this by coaching and equipping you through your prayerful discovery or rediscovery of your ministry's God-given mission, core values and vision. You may also find our coaching helpful in your next-steps strategic planning, disciple-making, church multiplication, ministry evaluation, and personal spiritual development. We are here to help you take your next steps forward in life and ministry.  



Training Elders

Local churches rise or fall according to the health and ministry of their elders or spiritual leaders. And healthy, growing churches have healthy, growing, and serving spiritual leaders. These churches also recruit, train, equip, and multiply spiritual leaders. My prayer is that this blog will assist your church in training present and future elders...

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Lies Churches Tell Themselves

When talking about who they are, most churches tell lies about themselves. Today's blog reveals what some of the big ones are...

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Communication from the Pastor

I have seen so many churches that have a weakness in communication. This problem is not limited to the size of the church or the number of people who serve as pastors or ministry leaders. Rather than being part of the problem, let me help you be part of the solution with the following ideas or suggestions...

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