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Coach and Equip Ministries is designed to help you and your ministry take the next steps forward. We do this by coaching and equipping you through your prayerful discovery or rediscovery of your ministry's God-given mission, core values and vision. You may also find our coaching helpful in your next-steps strategic planning, disciple-making, church multiplication, ministry evaluation, and personal spiritual development. We are here to help you take your next steps forward in life and ministry.  



Fighting Back the Covid Quit Factor

Pastors and church leaders, how are you fighting back the Covid Quit Factor? You know the feeling. You are trying harder than ever to serve the Lord and your church, but many of the otherwise faithful sheep in your flock are dropping out of the race. How are you responding? Do your thoughts turn more and more to writing that letter of resignation? Are you ready to give up the ministry? The following are some thoughts and ideas for winning this Covid battle...

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10 New Year's Resolutions for Your Church During 2022

If you are like me, doing New Year's Resolutions is a love or hate game, but they can be helpful. This blog offers 10 resolutions for churches that can be very helpful if your church leadership follows through on the top choice(s). Read them and consider how its top ones can help your church during 2022...

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Seen and Heard at a Church Planter's Couples Retreat

This week, my wife, Marty, and I had the honor of attending a church planter's retreat sponsored by the Converge Northwest District and held at the beautiful Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center on the rugged Pacific coast in northern Oregon. Read on to discover just a small amount of what was seen and heard at that relaxed gathering. Maybe you and your church can learn from my observations...

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