Why Coach and Equip Ministries? 

Charlie Worley, D.Min


One of the most important self-coaching questions one can ask is "Why?" Why Coach and Equip Ministries? Why did I develop a specialized ministry and web-based resource designed to come alongside of pastors, church planters and church leaders in order to help them take the first or next steps in life and ministry?


The answer to this question begins with the personal mission God has firmly placed in my heart and mind over more than 40 years in ministry. My mission or purpose is stated in this way: "By God's grace and with His empowerment, my life purpose is to help recruit, equip, train and deploy servants of Jesus Christ as fruitful laborers in His harvest fields." This is the genesis of Coach and Equip Ministries." Stated another way, my call is to be a Barnabas to others in ministry.


The above statement reflects the main reason, but there are also secondary reasons. One is that pastors, church planters, church leaders and fellow disciples of Jesus need coaches and equippers to help them follow God's will as they grow in Christ and are obedient to His calling.


Another reason for developing Coach and Equip Ministries is that from the first days of my ministry education and calling, I wish I had a personal Barnabas to help me walk through my development as a servant of Jesus in His mission field, His church and His Kingdom. I have always needed a life and ministry coach who helped bring out God's best in me. Only in the last few years has this become a reality. Everyone needs coaches, trainers, encouragers and mentors for life and  ministry.


Still another reason is that God has blessed me with many experiences, both highs and lows, as well as training, gifts, skills and strengths that contribute to coaching and equipping of others, especially those in church leadership roles. God gives gifts to be shared with others, and so I must be obedient to the Lord who strengthens me.


Finally, there are too few people who are using their ministry training, gifts, experience and wisdom to coach others. I am called to stand in the gap and help you if God so leads.


If you would like to pursue the possibility of my coaching and equipping for you, your ministry, your church or your organization, please use the Contact form to begin a conversation about your needs.