What Others Are Saying

 "As a member of the Buhler MB Church Pastoral Search Team I found that (Interim Pastor) Charlie Worley's spiritual leadership and mentorship to be the key in our success finding our new pastor. He led us in the beginning steps of identifying who our church was and what characteristics were the top priorities in a pastor. He allowed us to walk through the written process, the resumes, the discernment of candidates, and the interview process. Every session was bathed in prayer and guided by the Lord and Charlie. He, however, always had us, as a team, to make our own decisions and communicate with the congregation throughout the process. Pastor Charlie, through the Lord's leading, was vital in finding the right Pastor for us." - Randy Roberts


"We are very pleased with Pastor Charlie Worley.  He was a great help to us during our time between pastors. He helped our church focus on who we are are as a church, and also greatly assisted us in our search for a new pastor.  He is a man of God with a high level of skill, experience, and success.  His coaching of our teams and individuals has proved very valuable to us." - Kevin J Donohoe


"During Interim Pastor Worley's (ministry) at Hillside Evangelical Free Church, I served on a committee charged with reviewing and re-writing the church by-laws.  Over a period of several weeks, Charlie led us through a detailed discussion and review of each by-law, allowing and encouraging us to change or replace only those items that would help produce the efficiency needed to modernize the church.  His 'Socratic' method of questioning, along with his knowledge, communication and leadership skills, were the principal reason HEFC now has a healthy set of by-laws to carry the church forward in time.  His biblical knowledge, interpersonal skills, keen wit and years of practical experience resulted in a positive long-term influence in the church." - Terry Ryan


"Charlie was my first coach as an interim pastor.  He was a great help, particularly with his recommendations on reading material in handling the nuances that occur in a pastor's abrupt departure which necessitates an interim.  Charlie's encouragement is invaluable and I truly appreciated his insight into ministry."- Interim Pastor Ralph Wingate


"Charlie was instrumental in setting up the structure for church planting that we are using in the Canadian Pacific district of the EFCC. When Charlie retired from the EFCC we continued our relationship with him. As a contract coach we have been very satisfied with his work mentoring our church planter and helping him stay on task. Charlie is concerned for the well-being of the planter as well as for the health of the church plant." – District Superintendent Martin Perrin


"Pastor Charlie provided the leadership needed to bring our church out of a discouraging time into one of restored hope. He continually challenged us to think outside the box but provided us with tools to set achievable goals. I was energized and encouraged with each meeting! Charlie was straight forward but kind and gentle in moving us forward. I am so grateful for his ministry!" – Judy Banz


"When the Diocese of Cascadia of the Anglican Church in North America was founded, we wanted to recapture the missional and church planting spirit that was part of our Anglican heritage before the twentieth century.  We were blessed to have our new church planting board accepted into Charlie Worley's weeklong church planting workshop and the teachings and coaching were outstanding.  This helped us lay a new foundation for our church planting work and I am forever thankful for Charlie's help and guidance. - The Rt. Rev. Kevin Bond Allen, Bishop, Diocese of Cascadia.


"As an interim pastor for our church family, Charlie lead us spiritually through sound doctrinal teaching and prayer emphasis.  In a professional manner, he facilitated the gospel of Jesus in the healing of relational wounds and understanding our role in the world.  With prayer and diligence, he guided us step by step in developing leadership structure as well as selecting leadership for the on-going ministry of our church.  We are excited and motivated to pray our way into the future!" – Paula Eigsti


"Charlie Worley was instrumental in revitalizing our denomination.  We produced so many new church planters that it spilled over into helping our existing churches.  He personally revolutionized the way I do ministry and coaching.  I will be forever grateful for his impact on my life." – Michael Johnson


Charlie's work with our church helped us to see our weakest areas, set a plan to work on those areas and take steps to better health in our church body. The work we did while Charlie was with us helped to prepare us for the new pastor. Now that our new pastor is here, we have an identity for who God has called us to be that isn't dependent on one person. This is vital to our overall health and effectiveness and we feel Charlie and his giftings allowed us to get to this place. - Brent and Cindy Wichert