Church Planting Checklist

Church Multiplication Journey Toward Maturity Checklist                                Revised June 2019


Stage I: Conception

Lead church planter is assessed and selected.

Prayer strategy is developed and implemented.

Demographic study on ministry focus area or group is completed.

Initial draft of the church planting proposal is developed and approved.

If necessary, approval of the planter and project by outside supporting body is granted.

Sponsoring/Partner Church(es) is/are enlisted.

First 50 Prayer Partners are recruited and communication of prayer needs is begun.

Advisory Team recruitment is begun and its first meeting is held (acts as initial church board).

Lead church planter attends Church Planting Boot Camp or advanced church multiplication training.

Rough draft of mission, values and vision statements is completed (new church DNA).

Church name is selected.

First budget is drafted and approved (3 or 6-month faith budget is recommended).

Evangelism and disciple-making of ministry focus group/place are begun.

Small groups/core group recruiting is happening and initial group meetings are begun.

Church Plant Web Page (1st Edition) is developed and published.

Required legal paperwork is completed and filed depending on government requirements.


Stage II: Prenatal Development

Small group ministry multiplication is begun.

Launch Team Champions are recruited (each with a leadership role) and trained.

Disciple-making and leadership development pathways are developed and begun.

Leadership training and development is begun.

Working draft of Mission, Vision, Values Statements (DNA) is revised and communicated.

Philosophy of ministry is developed and in place.

"W" (launch team meetings and "soft launch") is planned, worked and evaluated.

First year ministry is planned (aka Strategic Plan).

Recruitment of 100 Prayer Partners is completed.

Initial church ministry systems are developed and meeting according to plan.

Adequate meeting facility is secured.

Children's Protection Policy for the church is in place.

Liability insurance policy is secured.

If necessary, request for launch service is made to an Advisory Team or governing body.

Launch and first public services are planned and publicized.


Stage III: Birth/Launch

Hard Launch (first regular public-worship service) is held and evaluated.

Pathway to disciple-making is fully functioning.

Apprentice system is fully functioning in all systems.

Newcomers/members orientation is started (covers membership and assimilation).

Church web site and social media is established and is fully functioning.


Stage IV: Growth Toward Maturity

System for identifying ministry "fit" of attenders is developed and working.

Church and Ministry Leadership structures are developed.

Membership applicants are interviewed, approved and trained.

Provisional officers are selected, approved and trained.

By-laws are written and approved by the appropriate body or church structure.

Plans for disciple-making and church multiplication are developed and implemented.

Annual church health survey is conducted.


[NOTE: When multiplying churches, the stages should be planned and developed in order as far as possible, but the goals under each stage can be planned, developed and applied with flexibility. If each stage is not fully developed and functioning in a healthy way, premature birth of the new church may happen resulting in the need for intensive care and outside support.]