Sample Job Description for Transition Team

Sample Job Description for a Transition Team


Mission of the Church


 The purpose of this church is to glorify Christ by loving God, loving others, and making disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Ministry Summary


It is the responsibility of the _________ Church Transitional Team to assist the church and her leadership in identifying and assessing the current realities of the church culture, ministries and ministry setting, serve as a catalyst for personal and corporate renewal and revitalization, and help the church work through Interim Pastor Ministries' (IPM) five stages of development for a church in transition.


Qualifications of Transitional Team Members


  • Be recognized by the church as a spiritually mature and respected leaders or workers from within ___________ Church
  • Be full of the Holy Spirit and faith
  • Have positive and hopeful attitudes toward the church
  • Be wise thinkers and clear communicators who will be proactive and make good decisions
  • Seek God's will and God's best for ___________ Church both now and for the future
  • Are team players who communicate and work well with others
  • Refrain from promoting personal agendas over others
  • Can represent the entire church and not just themselves or ministries and groups within it


Ministry Responsibilities


Pray regularly or daily for the church, the Interim Pastor and the Transitional Team

Learn and work through IPM's 5 stages of development for churches in transition

Study and evaluate the ministry context, life and ministry of the church

Discover and help implement God's vision and direction for ___________ Church

Help recruit, mentor and equip new leaders for the church

Communicate the efforts and ministry of the Transitional Team in a positive way that builds up the church

Identify areas of real or potential conflict and seek to help resolve the conflict(s) following biblical examples, principles and commands

Work as a team to develop a strategic plan for the church

Follow the leadership and coaching of Interim Pastor  


Accountability and Authority


Like any other ministry or group in the church, the Transitional Team is ultimately accountable to God and his Word, and under God to the church membership (or church board) as a whole.  ___________ Church Transitional Team members are, in practice, accountable to the Interim Pastor (or the church board if no Interim Pastor is used) and through him to the church board. The Team derives its authority from the indwelling Holy Spirit and the Word of God, and by appointment of the church board to its assigned tasks.




The Interim Pastor (or church board if no interim pastor is used) will provide training for leadership development and for managing the transition. Coaching of the team or of team members will also be provided.


Term of Office


The term of office for members of the Transition Team will be from appointment in __/___/_____, until the calling of the new Lead Pastor at the conclusion of the church's transition period. Team members have the right to resign from the Transition Team at any time if special personal needs arise or if the workload becomes too demanding.


What the Transition Team Member May Expect from the Church


You may expect your ministry as a member of the Transition Team to be seen, honored and rewarded by God.

You may expect encouragement and recognition from the church board and congregation for your hard work and service.

You may expect Transition Team meetings to be over when advertised (your time is valuable).

You may expect to be listened to and your contributions valued by the team and the Interim Pastor.

You may expect to be prayed for as you serve Jesus and his church.

You may expect to be part of something big that God will do at __________ Church (Eph. 3:20-21).


What the Church Expects from the Transition Team Member


Offers regular, fervent prayer for the Transition Team and the church

Attends all the meetings of the Transition Team if possible, with some provision made if electronic communication is available and needed

Is willing to be trained, equipped, coached and led by the Interim Pastor

Exercises faith and thinks vision, expecting God to "show up"

Honors confidentiality when requested

Uses verbal and written communication when needed

Practices open and honest communication on the team and with one another

Grows as a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples (Matt. 28:18-20)

Carries out any assignments given in a timely manner

Develops and uses one's spiritual gifts

Celebrates answered prayers, victories, achievements and progress with the team