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Sermon Bloopers

By charlie worley
Sometimes pastors just need to chill out and laugh at some of their sermon mistakes. Here is a list of 10 preaching bloopers that I'm sure you and I have never done.

Preaching way too long while thinking you are another John MacArthur

Preaching way too short when you are trying to do an expository, verse-by-verse sermon on a passage like Ephesians 1: 3-14

Using lots of original Greek or Hebrew words in your sermon

Explaining a biblical text by using an illustration you just used in the last 2 weeks in the same church

Giving an altar call invitation that lasts longer than the sermon text on a passage of Scripture

Stopping in the middle of your sermon to pick up your many pages of notes that the fan just blew on the floor

Bringing the notes from last week's message, then realizing your goose is cooked

Using the names of your church board members in illustrations without asking their permission

Using illustrations about your spouse without first asking permission (before the church service begins)

Listening to people you meet at the door after the service has ended and believing that they really think you had a "good sermon today"

What can you add to this list?

[Photo by Amanda Sofia Pellenz on Unsplash]